Petr Cech, the winner of the Golden Glove  in the 2015/16 season has been a consistent starter for Arsenal in the Premier League this season. Cech has a oustanding reputation for his great shot stopping displays throughout his career. However, this season I have been disappointed with the Arsenal goalkeeper.

In Cech’s first two seasons at Arsenal he has saved zero penalties out of a possible 9. The record isn’t great and we have conceded many penalties in vital games. Such as Tottenham at home in a 1-1 draw this season. We brought Petr Cech into the club with high expectation but did we think about the long term?

Cech has an amazing record overall, in a total of 390 appearances to date he has 144 clean sheets. Cech has a total of 4 Golden Glove awards for his seasons with Chelsea and Arsenal.

Last season (2015/16) Petr Cech only conceded 31 goals throughout the whole season in the Premier League. This season he has already conceded 25 goals and we’re only at the start of February.

Although David Ospina is primarily our Cup keeper, maybe there is an opportunity for him to swap roles with Cech. Ospina has played very well in the Champions League this season but is yet to make an appearance in the Premier League this season.