Struggling to write this blog is an understatement. The disappointment that all Arsenal fans feel is heartbreaking. We showed up in Munich with high hopes that just maybe this is the time we show Bayern that we’re a big club and we can compete in this competition. The match started with Bayern dominating possession and it paid off as Robben scored a beauty outside the edge of the box 11 minutes in. 

Arsenal had to respond, they pressed Bayern on the counter. From a corner, Koscienly managed to get his body in front of Lewandowski who gave away a penalty. A glimpse of hope for Arsenal as Sanchez stepped up. SAVED by Neuer, but Sanchez was persistent to score the second rebound. Arsenal took a 1-1 draw into the second half as things were looking up. 

Just as Arsenal fans thought that we had a chance, our captain Koscienly suffered a hamstring injury and was replaced by Gabriel. This was the point where maybe Arsenal fans looked away. 53rd minute 2-1 Lewandowski, 56th minute 3-1 Thiago, 63rd minute 4-1 Thiago, GAME OVER. The team collapsed with no spirit, passion or care in the world. From there on the game was an embarrassment and when things couldn’t get any worse 88th minute Muller, 5-1 FT. 

The final result could of been worse if it wasn’t for Ospina making some great saves during the game. Unfortunately our midfield and defence weren’t up to the match of the Bayern players which led to us hitting the self destruct button. Why Wenger didn’t start with Welbeck instead of Iwobi I don’t know. They attacked Iwobi and Gibbs all night and nothing changed. Bringing on Walcott was pointless and the whole tactical management of the game was poor. 

After this performance Wenger really needs to consider his future and what is best for Arsenal football club because we are not going anywhere. Same old results every season, no development. I respect everything Wenger has done for the club and it will be sad to see him go but the fans have had enough.