Another disappointing result, its now becoming a common occurrence. Just watching our team collapse at every big away game. The mood was already set even before kick off as we found out Alexis Sanchez had been dropped. Speaking on behalf of everyone, we were all shocked that he was on the bench. A little glimmer of hope that we could sneak a result was still there. 

Kick Off, Liverpool looked dangerous from the get go and already we looked slow. It didn’t take long, 9 minutes and Firmino had scored. It was vital to get the first goal. But we go again. In the 40th minute Mane made it 2-0, looking like game over. Our main game used to be controlling the possession for most of the match, that’s what Arsenal football club is renound for. 57% to Liverpool and 43% to Arsenal is how the first half ended. 

The second half started and Arsenal needed to score early to have a chance of getting back into the game. Sanchez came on straight from half time. Arsenal were instantly playing better football and were starting to create chances. Welbeck managed to grab a goal back in the 57th minute, hope was revived. Then came the peculiar substitution. Welbeck and Giroud were replaced by Perez and Walcott. Taking nothing away from those two but Giroud and Welbeck are match winners. 

Nothing was working for Arsenal and the clock was ticking down. Arsenal had no option but to throw everyone forward. In the 91st minute Liverpool countered and settled the match 3-1 Wijnaldum. Our club is in a bad place at the moment, with the top four slipping away. What changes are going to take place if any? Are Sanchez and Ozil going to leave or stay?